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Frequently asked questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help
you answer some of the more common ones.

Does one need building approvals for internal dwelling alterations?

Yes. The Building Act 1975 defines building work as building, repairing, altering, underpinning (whether by vertical or lateral support), moving or demolishing a building or other structure.

How long does engineering design for a typical residential dwelling take?

Once we have received all documentation, we typically take about 5-7 business day to complete engineering design of a residential dwelling.

What is the difference between Form 15 & Form 16 Certificates?

Form 15 Certificate is a design compliance certificate that certifies building design or specification will, if installed or carried out under the certificate, comply with the relevant building laws.

Form 16 Certificate is a construction compliance certificate that certifies an aspect of building work complies with the building approval and the relevant building laws

Can I draw up the plans myself?

Yes. The law with who can prepare architectural plans for is as follows;

  • Clients can do it if work is done under Owner Builder,
  • Otherwise, the builder of the deck, if not you, can prep the plans; or
  • A licensed building designer, architect or engineer can do the plans.

Can I do the building work myself?

Yes. The client can do the building work under Owner Builder or engage a QBCC Licensed Builder.

An Owner Builder Permit issued by QBCC is required where a client chooses to undertake the building work.

Can I make design changes after the Building Approval has been issued?

Yes. The final work can be amended on architectural plans and lodged with Council upon completion of construction.

Please note that in some cases this might mean amendment of engineering plans and energy efficiency assessment.

I have received a Show Cause Notice from Council. What do I do?

It is recommended to act on a Show Cause Notice immediately upon issue failure to which the Council may issue an Enforcement Notice. For more information please refer to Responding to a Show Cause Notice from Council.

I have received Building Approvals. What Next?

Once Building Approvals have been issued, construction can commence. Please note the inspections and certifications required on the Building Approvals. The expiry date is also always noted on the Building Approvals. Clients can request for a time extension.

What inspections are required during construction?

The inspections required during construction are always specified on the Building Approvals. The final inspection is carried out by the respective Certifier. Other inspections such as structural aspects including slab, footing and framing can be done by the Engineer.

How long does Building Approvals process take?

This depends on the available documentation. It typically takes 2weeks to get through the process. For more information on the general requirements please refer to Building Approvals for New Residential Dwelling or Renovations.